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Same Day Crowns (CEREC) in Balcatta, Perth

A missing tooth or a broken tooth can be the cause of major embarrassment or may even affect your chewing. Placing dental crowns is one of the most common tooth replacement techniques. In this fast-paced world when it is hard to find time for oneself, several appointments for a single dental procedure can be slightly inconvenient. Our dental experts at Comfort Care Dental understand your difficulties and care for your dental health. Therefore, we offer you with one of the most advanced tooth replacement solutions – CEREC crowns! These crowns, often called as the Same Day Crowns, have come up as a revolution in the field of dentistry. CEREC crowns are the products of digital dentistry and are designed and fabricated with the help of computers and 3D imaging.

What to expect when you go for CEREC crowns?

Now, it is just the matter of a day to receive a dental crown! Thanks to the latest innovations in 3D imaging technology. Here is the list of the events that take place in succession to deliver you the CEREC crown on the same day:

  • Just like the conventional procedure for dental crown fabrication, our dental team will record an impression of your teeth and the adjoining area. The impression will be in the form of a 3D scan that is transferred to the monitor attached.
  • Now, the dentist will analyse the scanned image of the tooth on the monitor and will explain about the crown that is to be fabricated for you.
  • Meanwhile, you get a deeper understanding of what your dental crown will be looking like after the fabrication process is complete.
  • Now, the data concerning your impression will be sent into the machine that will create a crown conforming to the details fed into the system by the dentist.
  • Once the rough structure of a CEREC crown is created, it undergoes a series of finishing and polishing to achieve smooth and glossy finish.
  • Now, the crown will be placed and fitted in your mouth.

What are the benefits of CEREC crowns?

The benefits of CEREC crowns are:

  • Conservative in nature – This is because the tooth volume reduced is at its minimal. Hence, the natural dental tissue is preserved.
  • Durable – The digital imaging that picks every minute detail along with precision in fabrication contribute to the durability of CEREC crowns. Due to digital imaging, one doesn’t need to undergo the procedure of placement of impression trays in their mouth. In conventional crowns, there may be a need to record an impression twice if the previous one fails to record the necessary details.
  • Temporary crown unnecessary – As the whole procedure occurs within a day, there is no need to place a temporary crown as done in conventional dental crowns.
  • All within a day – There is no need to visit your dentist twice or thrice for a dental crown. CEREC crowns save your time and offers you maximum comfort.
  • Look natural – They look similar to your natural teeth.

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If you are upset with your broken tooth or missing tooth, check out the option of CEREC crowns at Comfort Care Dental. Book your appointment and change your smile within A DAY!

Cost of Dental Crowns 

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