Comfort Care Dental | Call Us: (08) 9349-0800

Comfort Care Dental | Call Us: (08) 9349-0800

At Comfort Care Dental, our dentists have been the local Family dentist for over 40 years. Many of our patients have grown up with us and return with their own families!

Better Technology. Better Care. Comfort Care Dental Family dentist

Experience isn’t the only reason why Comfort Care Dental families choose our dentist for their dental care. We implement the latest technology to provide more efficient, effective, and gentler treatments without compromising the quality of our services.

Some of the ways that we do this are by implementing procedures and therapies such as:

  • Sleep dentistry for snoring and apnoea
  • Piezo instrumentation for gentler surgeries
  • Sedation options to help you relax through appointments
  • The latest in laser dentistry
  • Complete smile makeovers and facial aesthetics
  • CEREC same day crowns

General, Restorative, and Specialist Services Offered:

  • Preventative Care and Cleanings – Routine preventative care is the best way to avoid gum disease and tooth loss caused by periodontitis. We’ll show you what it takes to keep teeth, gums, and bone healthy so that you can maintain them for years to come.
  • Full and Partial Dentures – Should you need to replace all or several of your teeth at one time — but implants aren’t an option -our conventional removable prosthesis are an affordable and straightforward solution. Each full or partial denture is carefully designed and fitted for maximum comfort and aesthetics.
  • Root Canal Therapy – Abscessed or badly decayed teeth need more than just a simple filling to keep them intact. Endodontic therapy (root canals) can help you maintain your natural tooth for years to come. We even offer same-day CEREC crowns on the date of your treatment.
  • Tooth Coloured Fillings, Crowns, and Bridges – The best way to repair your smile is to treat problems like cavities or fractures early, before they can get worse. We utilize minimally-invasive materials like composite fillings and same day ceramic crowns to treat your bite in the most effective manner possible. Our crowns and bridges can also be placed over dental implants to replace missing teeth.
 Comfort Care Dental | Call Us: (08) 9349-0800

Comfort Care Dental | Call Us: (08) 9349-0800

Specialist Services

In addition to our comprehensive family dental care, we offer specialist treatments like wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, Inman aligners, and more!

Thinking of getting a smile makeover? Explore aesthetic solutions like cosmetic dental crowns, bridges, veneers, and professional teeth whitening.

Sedation Options Help You Relax

We understand that many people feel anxious about having dental work completed. Our compassionate dentist and staff do everything possible to help you feel at ease. Thanks to relaxation and anti-anxiety options, it’s common to feel like you’re daydreaming or napping through your procedure. Ask if sedation dentistry is right for you!

A Reputation That Speaks for Itself

Thinking of visiting our Comfort Care Dental? Check out our online reviews to see what our existing patients have to say about their experience with us. Our compassionate, caring team is committed to providing you with the attentive experience and ongoing care that you deserve.

We’re even open late and on weekends, so that you don’t have to interrupt important commitments or use up leave time.

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Call Us : (08) 9349-0800