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What to do for a Broken or Chipped Tooth

Our teeth are very strong, however, due to one reason or another you may end up with a broken or chipped tooth. What should you do in this case? While some people opt to live with the broken tooth, it is not good for your dental hygiene. It may also be very painful.

How Do People Get Broken or Chipped Tooth

There are various circumstances that may lead to teeth breaking or getting chipped. Here are some of the common causes:

  • Sports accidents
  • Cavities that are untreated can consequently cause a tooth to become weak and break.
  • Facial trauma as a result of accidents.
  • Old amalgam feelings may put stress on the tooth cause breakage
  • Breaks can also occur as a result of eating or chewing on something hard.

Types of Cracked Or Chipped Teeth

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Understanding the type of cracked tooth is important and can provide guidance on ways in which it can be corrected. Some of the major types of tooth cracks include:

1. Craze Lines

This is sometimes called enamel infractions because the microfractures are normally contained within the enamel. However, the microfractures do not extend into the dentin layer. Craze lines are a common feature in all teeth types. Most of the times, they are seen in the anterior teeth as vertical striations within the enamel. They may also be seen on the marginal ridges. One of the main causes of craze lines is tooth trauma, which occurs as a result of blunt force. It is surprising how craze lines lack symptoms and diagnosis is only for aesthetic reasons.

2.Fractured Cusp

This refers to the complete or incomplete fracture of the crown of the tooth. It usually occurs within the cuspal areas of the tooth including the lingual cusps of the lower molars and the buccal cusps of the upper molars. The fractured cusp may break and eventually separate. The remaining segment of the tooth may be joint to gingival tissues. Normally, the tooth area that is exposed is sensitive to temperature.

3. Cracked Tooth

This usually occurs as a result of an incomplete fracture from the crown. The crack usually occurs on the crown of the tooth and may extend vertically into the lower part of the tooth. There are various treatment options available for cracked tooth conditions. They include magnification and removal of old restorations and also root canal treatments.

4. Split Tooth

This involves complete fracture that originates from the crown. A split tooth is usually the final result of a cracked tooth. It usually occurs as a result of habits such as bruxism chewing of ice among others.

5. Vertical Root Fracture

In this case, the fracture usually occurs in a buccal-lingual direction.

The Three Main Options For Repairing Cracked, Broken or Chipped Tooth


Dental Crowns

This involves restoring a portion of a tooth that lies above the gums by fully cupping them. Many dentists typically use dental crowns to repair the decayed tooth and to ensure that the appearance of the tooth is improved. Some of the materials that are used in making dental crowns are porcelain, metal, and a combination of ceramic and metal alloy.

Here at Comfort Care Dental, we offer a Same Day Crown service using our advanced CEREC technologies. Read more about Same Day Crowns.



This involves removing the decayed part of the tooth, cleaning the infected area, then filling the cavity with a filling material. Filling is a good way of preventing further decay of the tooth by blocking spaces where bacteria can enter. Some of the incredible materials that can be used for the purpose of filling include gold porcelain, a composite resin, and amalgam.

The choice of the type of filling to use depends on the extent of repair, allergies to certain materials, and the cost of the material to use.



This involves incorporating a cusp by covering the missing cusp. They are usually made from gold or porcelain. Onlays can be made of ceramic, composite resin, gold, titanium, and other metals.

Cost of fixing broken, chipped or cracked tooth

Cost of fixing broken tooth starts from $100*/month.
*Subject to finance approval

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