Orthodontics In Perth Are The First Choice For You

Not having the perfect smile is a common feeling for many people.  If you are someone that is self-conscious about the way you look when you smile, you will want to look into ways that you can get the smile that you want.  This is when you will need an orthodontist to perform the straightening of your teeth.

Orthodontics In Perth

Our company specializes in orthodontics in Perth.  We know what it is like to have crooked teeth.  Our company will help you with the work that is needed to have your teeth straightened out so that you can smile again without embarrassment.  We are a group of trained professionals that are experts in the field of Perth orthodontics.  Our mission is to help our patients have great smiles again and we do this in a professional and safe manner at all time.

Perth Orthodontics Is Here For You

When you come to visit our Perth Orthodontics office, you will receive a consultation.  You will be able to ask any questions that you might have.  Bring along a notebook so that you can jot down the information to refer to later.  This is the time when you will find out how we complete the work on your teeth and how long it will take.  We take patients of all different ages so you are welcome to come in and discuss your situation with us.

We Need To Know Your Medical Background

When you first visit with us, we will need to know your medical background.  If you are under a doctor’s care and are taking medicines, we will need to know this information.  You can give this to us during the consultation at Perth Orthodontics.  Please be as honest as possible about your medical history and medications because it will make a difference in the treatment that we will give to you.  We don’t want to make any of your health issues worse so let us know all of the details right from the beginning so that we can plan the best care for you.  There is no need to feel embarrassed or worried.  None of the information that you provide us will ever be passed on to any secondary people, and will remain completely confidential.

Braces With Perth Orthodontics

When you need the services from orthodontics, you may want to get braces to rectify any smile issues.  These can be the traditional braces or the invisible kind.  We will discuss each type with you and many people will choose the invisible kind.  Other people will not even know that you are wearing them.  This is fantastic for people that need to look their best for work and personal reasons.

The Process

When you need orthodontics in Perth, after the consultation you might need to have some teeth pulled.  This will done so that your remaining teeth will have room to move so that they can be straightened.  With orthodontics in Perth, you will be given the proper care, sedation and anaesthesia, so that you will not feel the pain when your teeth are being removed.  Once this is completed and you are healed, we will begin to place braces on your teeth.

Will You Be In A Lot Of Pain?

We want you to be as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process at Perth Orthodontics.  This means, that we will give you pain medication that will work best for your individual needs.  If you have other health issues, we may use novocaine for the pain.  If not, we may be able to put you out when you are having your teeth removed so that your braces will work well.  Always let us know how you feel about any step of the process so that we can personally attend to your needs.  Every person and situation is different so do not be afraid to speak up and let us know how you feel about any aspect of your treatment.


You will need to keep all of your follow-up appointments so that we can see the progress that is happening with your Perth Orthodontic treatments.  The timeframe can go smoother and possibly quicker if you come to all of the appointments at Orthodontics in Perth.  This is also a time that you can discuss any discomfort that you are having while you are wearing your braces.  We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable so let us know if you are in pain so that we can do something about it.

Finishing Up

Once you are completed with the straightening of your teeth, you will have braces removed.  This is an exciting time and we want you to feel thrilled with the outcome of your treatment.  We also want you to take good care of your teeth and gums moving forward so we will discuss what you need to do.  Most of the time, you will need to brush and floss your teeth twice a day.

What Is The Cost For Orthodontics In Perth?

The costs for this type of work will vary.  It will depend on the length of time you will be wearing the braces, how many teeth you will need to be extracted, and the costs for the appointments.  Health insurance may help to cover the costs.  We also have other payment options that are available so be sure to discuss this with us when you come in for your consultation.  There are also personal loans that you will be able to get to assist you in paying for your dental work.  These types of loans will need to be paid back on a monthly basis.  Once you are aware of your financing options, you can make a decision on how you want to pay for the orthodontics in Perth.

We Have Excellent Customer Service

If you have any questions at any time, you can ask our team of experts at Perth Orthodontics.  Everyone on our staff will be pleased to assist you in any way that they can.  You are important to us and we will show you this at every step of the way.  Call or stop in whenever you need to discuss any issue about our services.  We will be happy to assist you.  Give us your feedback on our Perth orthodontics services so that we know how you feel about us and any improvements that we can make.  We want to hear what you have to say about us at any time.

Are Children Welcome At Our Office?

Yes, you can bring children along with you on appointments.  They can play in our designated play area while you are having your orthodontics Perth work completed.  If children are the patient, we prefer that you accompany them at all times so that they are not scared when we are completing the work on their teeth.

Our Office Is Handicap Accessible

If you have a handicap, you do not need to worry.  Our office is equipped to handle any type of disability.  You will always be safe and attended to in our care.  We make you as comfortable as possible all through your journey with us and at all times.

Any Problems Or Issues Will Be Dealt With Promptly

When you are in our care, if any problems or issues come up, they will be dealt with safely and efficiently.  You are in good hands when you come to our office.  Let us know should you need anything while you are with us.  All of our team members are knowledgeable and they can assist you with any worries or issues that you might have at any time that you are dealing with us.

We Are Proud To Offer You The Best Orthodontics Perth Has To Offer

Our company takes great pride in offering top-of-the-line orthodontics care.  We are experts that have received notoriety in our field for helping people on a regular basis with their orthodontics needs.  If you wish to see recommendations from other patients of ours, we will be able to show you these.  We take great pride in our expertise and the services that we can offer to you.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will be pleased with the work that we do and the way that you are treated by our staff at all times.  As said before, if you ever have a need to discuss a problem or issue, you can feel free to do so.  We are here to help you in any way that we can.  Be sure that you know this and are confident that you have come to the right place to have your teeth straightened so that you can have the smile that you always wanted.

It will be so nice for you to smile again when you are out and about.  You will feel more comfortable in all types of situations, whether they be for personal or business reasons.  We know that when you can smile again, you will feel more confident about yourself every day.  Our professionals in Perth Orthodontics have been in business for a long time and we can make you look and feel the best you ever have when you visit us for your dental needs.  We are here for you when you want to set up your first appointment for a consultation with our experts.

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