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Laser Root Canal Therapy

Laser Root Canal

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What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal Therapy, also referred to as Endodontic Treatment, is a type of treatment which involves the removal of the bacterial infection that has found its way into the pulp or nerve cavity.

Laser root canal treatment uses a parallel beam of strong light to clean out the root canals. It somehow melts away debris which comprise of bacteria and infection, referred to as the root’s smear layer and actually cleans the root in a more thorough way than the usual treatments.




Our teeth are actually created to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, at times a tooth can be damaged often due to a deep, untreated cavity or an injury which makes it to crack. As a result, the inside of the tooth gets infected and this infection harms the blood vessel’s network and nerves inside, or the living tissue located at the centre of the tooth known as the tooth pulp. If not treated, the damaged pulp can trigger infection that will cause damage to the bone near the tooth and result in inflammation and pain.

Extracting the tooth is not usually recommended because it is much better to retain as many of your natural teeth as you possibly can. Previously, teeth with impaired pulps were extracted. However, nowadays root canal therapy has provided dental specialists with a safe solution to saving teeth and maintaining a patient’s natural smile.

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Why do I need Root Canal Therapy?


Root canal therapy becomes necessary once the tooth’s nerve is affected by either infection or decay. To save the tooth plus the pulp and nerves, usually bacteria together with any decay are cleared out. The resultant cavity is then filled with special antiseptic dental materials that helps to restore the tooth and make it function fully well.

Undergoing a root canal therapy is actually the treatment of choice designed to save a tooth that could otherwise simply die and have to be pulled out. Many patients think that pulling out a tooth that has issues is the right solution. However, what they are not aware of is that extracting a tooth will in the long run be more expensive and cause major problems for neighbouring teeth.

Dental anxiety, regardless of whether it is mild or acute, is real for many people and can really be a hindrance to seeking dental therapy. Drills plus needles can hinder people from taking a positive and proactive approach to healthy gums and teeth.

The good news is that, there is another alternative to the injections and dental drill. With the advent of laser dentistry which we offer, patients don’t need to worry about the injection and dental drill anymore. Laser dental procedures can transform your dental experience. With proper care and attention, a tooth that has been treated with laser root canal can remain healthy for the entire lifetime.

At Comfort Care Dental, we use the newest rotary technology, which is not only more accurate, but also takes a shorter time. In fact, this technology produces best results and 98 per cent of the time, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. Rotary Endodontics is a method used to perform the root canal using a specific electrical handpiece. The tool is flexible enough to be inserted deeply into the canal without the risk of damaging or stretching the passageway.

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

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What is the Root Canal Cost?

Laser Root Canal is affordable and costs from $800 and in most instances you would need a crown.

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