Customer Service Charter

We are keen to provide you honest dental services. Our customer service charter sets out our commitment to provide you, our patients, with the service you can expect.

Patients are our First and foremost priority for all our caring and friendly staff and Dentists.


We will provide safe and the highest quality dental services, provided with professional care, skills and competence.


We will never provide you any dental treatment which you do not require.


The care provided to you shows respect to you, your cultures, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.


You will receive open, timely and appropriate communication about your dental care in a way you can understand.


You will join in making decisions and choices about your dental care and about your dental care planning.


Your Personal Privacy is maintained and proper handling of your personal health and other information is assured.

Preferred Providers

We are preferred providers for the following health funds. As a preferred provider you will be entitled to the maximum allowable benefit from your health fund for all services at our practice.